Summery tableware

Tableware made of fused glass handmade & designed by Liesbeth Singeling.

Our summery tableware is handmade and therefore they are all unique.

See one you like but it is sold out, want another color or size? Contact me and we can make one for you but of course they all are different!

  • Bowl Bowl
  • Dish red Dish red
  • Dish yellow Dish yellow
  • Plate blue Plate blue
  • Plate blue medium Plate blue medium
  • Plate Ladybug Plate Ladybug
  • Plate roses Plate roses
  • Plate roses small Plate roses small
  • Plate yellow Plate yellow



Handmade & Handbaked

Arts & crafts


Åsbyvägen 29
68061 Bograngen


+46 767 66 5537

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