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To be able to make a purchase, we use cookies. We also use third-party solutions such Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager to be able to track the interaction between you as a customer and our online store. This is to gather information about and to be able to improve our online store and see statistics to and from various web platforms.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files created by websites you visit. These simplify your online experience by saving browser information. With the help of cookies, you can continue to be logged in to websites, website settings are saved and locally adapted information is displayed to you.

There are two types of cookies:

• First-party cookies are created by the website you visit. The website is displayed in the address bar.
• Third-party cookies are created by other websites. These sites own some of the content displayed on the site you visit, such as ads or images.

Local storage

In addition to the above-mentioned cookies, we also save a locally stored cookie that is used by our shopping cart that keeps track of the contents of the shopping cart and on to the checkout. This disappears after a purchase. In the event of an interrupted purchase, the cookie still remains until you manually empty the shopping cart.

Language management

Our website also saves a cookie for language management. This is used at times when we choose to change language. That cookie is stored for a year and then disappears.


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